For many years, the beauty of Nigeria has been underrated. Nigerians seek vacations in other countries with the mindset that their country has little or nothing to offer. On the other hand, those that want to explore believe that they need a huge amount of money to do so. I basically want to change this narrative.
I believe that Nigeria is blessed with so much natural, cultural, historical, man-made attractions and there is beauty in every State hence I am on a mission to showcase this even on a slim budget through my travel stories, guides, pictures, YouTube videos and organized trips.


I am a Certified Travel and Tours Management practitioner and I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Benin.

I would like to believe that the travel life found me. My Dad is from the Western Part of Nigeria, Ogun State precisely while my Mum is from the Southern part, Delta State.
I was born and brought up in Lagos State, and eventually had my first travel experience when i went to Edo State for University.

I was posted to Akwa Ibom State for National Youth Service Corps but we had our orientation camp in Rivers State. Immediately after camp, I redeployed to Oyo State because I wanted to be close to home.

I enjoyed Oyo State so much that I stayed back after NYSC. It was while I was there that I finally decided to start travelling intentionally. My first intentional trip was to Olumo Rock in Ogun State. Its been a beautiful ride since then and I have visited 15 Nigerian States and counting!



I offer services ranging from Content Creation (writings, pictures & videos) to Location/ Brand Promotion and Trip Organizing.

Travel Content Creation

I create Travel Content through pictures, writings and videos for various social media platforms which include The Blog, YouTube and Instagram.

Travel Info Consultation

Do you want information or contacts for certain locations? Or do you want information for planning your own trip? I offer consultation sessions to share all my knowledge with you! Send a mail to hello@nikeh.ng or click here to send a direct message.

Travel Community

In the bid to create beautiful memories while exploring different locations in Nigeria, I created the Fun’atics Community for the average Nigeria. We put the ‘F’ in Fun. Click here for more information.

Brand Promotion and Influencing

I promote brands, locations and tour packages to my audience through my platforms. These platforms include Instagram, YouTube, The Website, Twitter and My Travel Community.

Customized Travel Merch

I make and sell customized fun travel Tees, Bags and Caps at affordable prices! Travel is a lifestyle. To order one, send me a mail on hello@nikeh.ng or fill the form here.

Photo Sales

I take loads of travel pictures and they are available for sale!

I can offer you

  • Customized Content for your Brand
  • Increased Brand Presence
  • Travel Information and Contacts
  • Beautiful Customized Travel Merch.
  • A Fun Travel Community
  • Collaboration to Promote Your Tour Packages

Partnerships and Features



A thesaurus of premium travel content, Nike’s content is both addictive and informative as its a gourmet dish for the eye and also shows the unsung locations of our motherland. The icing on the cake is the fact that she entails us how traveling can be budget friendly and lets us know we don’t have to make our wallet skinny to have a good time.

Opeyemi Famakin
Nigeria's Biggest Food Critic
IMG-20201027-WA0011 (1)

Nikeh was in charge of the promotion of our Idere trip. She created promotional materials, content and handled online publicity.
Thanks to her, we ended up getting sold out in 4 days and we eventually had to double our capacity which we still sold out again in a week!

Dami Ehindero
Travel Director of Tourersng

Your Instagram page is really inspiring.

I love your work and I aspire to be a Travel photographer if work would let me.

You are doing great work.

I love it so much that I set notifications for your posts.


Hanging out and meeting new people through Nikeh’s community has been really exciting! I climbed Olumo Rock for the first time and it was a great experience. I will recommend this community over and over again.