If you are looking for the best luxury short let apartments in Lagos, this is the article for you. And as a sweetener, we’re including the most exquisite restaurants around them, so you’ll see that you’re truly in for the time of your life when you choose to stay in any of these stunning 5-star short let homes in Lagos.

1. Tiara’s Luxury Home

[Stories Lagos || Img Credit: @storieslagos on Instagram]

This is an extraordinary, fully serviced apartment in Lekki Phase 1. Tiara’s Luxury Home is elegantly designed to be the most perfect home away from home with its spacious 4 bedrooms and an overall beauty that is better in real life than what you see in pictures.

For guests at Tiara’s Luxury Home,  restaurants like Stories, Circa, The Harvest, The Patio,  etc are ideal.

2. Achikare’s Luxury Home

[Shiro Lagos || Img. Credit – Foodie In Lagos]

This breathtaking new home sparkles with an ambiance that’ll instantly draw you in. You will have no trouble feeling at home in its plush beds while having access to a pool table, air hockey table, and ultra-modern home amenities that’ll make you want to elongate your stay.

The Achikare’s Luxury Home is Located in a very secure, upscale estate in Victoria Island, It is close to a host of Lagos’ finest restaurants such as Shiro, Craft Gourmet, Ocean’s Basket, and RSVP among others.

3. Finchley Apartments

[Circa restaurant || Img. Credit –  AweLagos]

The Finchley Serviced apartment in Lekki Phase 2, Ikate, is a remarkably gorgeous building, both inside, and outside. Think of a place that feels very much like home even though it is not home. This fabulous short let apartment has 4 rooms, a breathtaking interior design and world-class amenities that will dazzle you. Perfect for you alone, or when you’re with a partner or with family and friends.

With exquisite restaurants like Sailor’s Lounge and Circa Lagos in proximity, you can tell that your stay at the super comfortable Finchley Apartment will be nothing short of satisfying.

4. Keji’s Luxury Home

[Rhapsodys Restuarant || Img Credit: @rhapsodys_nigeria on Instagram]

In terms of its sheer splendour, Keji’s Luxury remains undefeated after two years of satisfying guests and giving them experiences they are eager to relive over and over again. Based in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa, its reputation continues to soar as one of the best short let apartments you can get anywhere in Lagos.

It is a haven of relaxation and enjoyment, close to other centers of enjoyment such as  Rhapsody’s restaurant and Grind Grill Cafe among others.

5. Safe Haven

[RSVP Lagos Restaurant || Img Credit – RSVP Lagos on Instagram]

This delightful two-bedroom property is in a phenomenal location next to the beach in Oniru. And as such, it is a luxurious oasis of calm and serenity. The amenities are fully functional and curated to give you peace of mind. The interior decor… absolutely lovely. The parlor is also perfectly sized for when you are by yourself or for a family getaway

Getting fine dining during your stay there won’t also be an issue as Eric Kayser, Shiro Lagos, Sugar Cane, RSVP and a host of other restaurants are just around.

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