Lekki Conservation Centre is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Lagos State possibly because it houses the longest canopy walk in West Africa.

Because of its popularity, I didn’t need to do so much research about the place. I already knew the costs and everything to expect (so I thought) hence I dragged my ex-colleague, Grace and we visited it on a Saturday afternoon.

LCC’s Canopy featuring my feet

I had a normal bag with me and another Nylon bag because I had bought random stuff on the way to the location. It was midday and we hadn’t had breakfast yet so Grace and I got some small chops from the vendors at the location and I kept mine in the nylon bag before we started the forest walk to the canopy.

The Forest Walk

The forest walk to the canopy was longer than I thought and it was a little bit scary seeing monkeys jumping around on the trees. It was when a monkey came to the rail beside me that I I realized that I had messed up.

Photo Credit: IG – @bokehub

In a swift second, the monkey jumped towards me and snatched my precious nylon bag. It began a frantic search, tearing apart the nylon, leaving the contents on the floor and running away with a disposable pack. My bet is the nigga was looking for edibles.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I quickly packed the items I could pack from the floor then ran off with the little dignity I had left in me. I was shocked, embarrassed and super scared! Nobody prepared me for this terrorist attack. Mr Monkey 1 – 0 Nikeh.

Before the attack – Spot the Nylon bag.

Apparently, LCC’s monkeys are entitled lots with no respect for man. They tend to mob people holding attractive objects like Nylons, food items, plates etc. I wasn’t warned beforehand but now I know better and I hope you do too.

Try not to carry items that will expose you to monkey brutality. I repeat. Do not. If you have edibles, don’t keep them in a visible Nylon and don’t open them till you get to the park and games area.

The Games Area

After I ran from the forest walkway, I easily did my 7 level canopy walk then went ahead to the park and games area.
I was apparently a safe distance from the terrorist, so I checked the remaining contents in my bag and Nylon to fully access the situation. To my amazement, my small chops was safe! Mr monkey left with an empty disposable pack and missed my precious small chops during his nylon raid! Monkey 1 – 1 Nikeh. ☺️

I came, I saw and conquered!!


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