If you are looking to get a short let apartment in Lekki, Lagos or anywhere in the world for that matter, there are some things you must look out for, in order that your time there will be worthwhile, and also for you to get the best value for money paid.

Below, we list the most important things to look out for in a short let apartment

1. Decor Appeal

Before you book a short let apartment, be sure that the interior decoration is beautiful, fitted to your taste, and meets a desirable standard. Few things that generally determine the appeal of interior decoration are light, colors, space management etc. And if a short let apartment has not considered these things, you can tell in the overall ambiance of the space. The place could either be too dark or feel crowded out by the fixtures in it.

On the other hand, if a short let apartment has meticulously created a space with world-class, sophisticated interior design, you can also tell. Tokyo’s Home Away From Home by Shortlethomes Ltd exemplifies this accurately. The natural lighting is fantastic as well as the electrical lighting of its interior. The colors merge beautifully into each other as do the fixtures there.

[Tokyo’s Home Away From Home by Shortlethomes Ltd.

2. Secure Environment

The security of lives and property is another necessity for anyone looking for a short let apartment in Lekki, or any other part of Lagos or the world. You have to do your due diligence in finding out how safe the location of the short let apartment is. The security of the apartment itself is also important. Do they have car parks within the facility? How about CCTV cameras?

Typically short let apartments in Victoria Island such as Lara’s Luxury Short let Apartment in Victoria Island; short let apartments in Lekki Phase 1 such as Tiara’s Luxury Home Away From Home, and short let apartments in Lekki Ikate such as The Daniel’s 5-star Short Let Apartment are in secure environments and have the required security to safeguard of lives and property.

3. Clean Amenities

You also have to be particular about the amenities on offer before booking a short let apartment in Lagos. How clean are the sheets, the pillowcases, the bedroom, the kitchen and the utensils, and is the place generally clean and dust-free at the time of booking? Are there professional cleaners coming in regularly to clean up and disinfect the place? How about their anti-covid-19 guidelines? Are they committed to AirBnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process?

These are necessary questions to ask and short let apartments such as Keji’s 5 Star Short let Apartment in Lekki, Osapa and Ope’s 5 Star Short let Apartment in Lekki, meet those criteria perfectly.

[Ope’s 5 Star Short let Apartment in Lekki]

4. Efficient and Reliable Caretakers

Great apartments have caretakers and hosts who are particular and very invested in the convenience and 5-star experience of every guest at their property. Whether it is by being available 24/7 to answer questions, anticipating issues and stepping in to help without breaching their privacy or just generally being courteous and helpful, a good host and/or caretaker could be the difference between a good time and an awful experience at a short let apartment.

5. Close proximity to Restaurants

Whenever you need a place in Lagos, especially short let apartments in Lekki and short let apartments in Victoria Island, you should be selective. It is advisable to only go for places that are close to the best restaurants, bars, lounges, and other places that could be of interest to you.

[Circa Lagos. Img Crdt: Circa Lagos/Instagram]

For example, if you need a short let apartment in Lekki Phase 1, Tiara’s Luxury Apartment by ShortLetHomes Ltd is a great place to be, and it is very close to Stories and Circa Lagos restaurants amongst others.


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